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Pharrel Williams - Happy - We are from DAHAB, EGYPT
Автор: Kjeld Friis   
03.04.2014 18:05
The iLounge Bal Masque Party! Featuring Goldy Rise, Dj Mr.T -29th November Roof Bar
Автор: Hurghada-pop   
10.12.2013 18:52

Another spectacular evening at The iLounge "Bal Masque Party" at Roof Bar with DJ Mr.T, Goldy Rise live Project and a live performance by El Esaba! Production by Hurghada-pop

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Video Release-South Beach Hurghada - WA2FA Edition - 14th October 2013
Автор: Hurghada-pop   
22.11.2013 13:36
Последние изменения 22.11.2013 13:52
The ILounge Halloween Edition 31 October 2013
Автор: Hurghada-pop   
19.11.2013 10:54

Spooky event Halloween Edition @ club 88 El Gouna, with Chadash Cort, special guest Ali Kamel, dj Zak, hosted by ILounge and covered by Hurghada-pop. 

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South Beach Hurghada
Автор: T.M   
12.10.2013 13:51

Check out everyone, South Beach Bar and lounge is a place you would want to be, Hurghada-pop and South Beach would like to introduce to everyone how things going on over there. South Beach bar and lounge the best place in the town which will contain the 1st ice-bar located on the beach in the whole world in the Red Sea.

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